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These water jug filters aren't really rated for actual treatment of unsafe water, so I'm going to assume that you are using it for it's stated purpose of improving the taste. If that's the case, there are two criteria that should make it obvious it's time to replace it. The first one, the sniff test. Get some water out of an unfiltered faucet. Give it a sniff or a sip. Then do the same for the filtered water in the jug. If you can smell/taste the unfiltered water, but not the filtered water, you're good to go. The second is just flow rate. These filters will stop particulates, and if you're getting water from a well or spring, even a 'whole house' filter may let some fine particulates through. In this case, eventually the flow rate from the jug filter will start to diminish as it gets clogged. That's probably a good indication that the thing has reached the end of its useful lifespan as well.


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Arthur spent some of his childhood years living in the New York towns of York, Perry, Greenwich, Lansingburgh, Schenectady, and Hoosick.[14] One of his first teachers said Arthur was a boy "frank and open in manners and genial in disposition."[15] During his time at school, he gained his first political inclinations and supported the Whig Party. He joined other young Whigs in support of Henry Clay, even participating in a brawl against students who supported James K. Polk.[11] Arthur also supported the Fenian Brotherhood, an Irish republican organization founded in America; he showed this support by wearing a green coat.[16] Arthur enrolled at Union College, in Schenectady, New York, in 1845, where he studied the traditional classical curriculum.[11] As a senior, he was president of the debate society and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.[16] During his winter breaks, Arthur served as a teacher at a school in Schaghticoke.[16] After graduating, Arthur returned to Schaghticoke and became a full-time teacher, but soon began to pursue an education in the law.[17] While studying law, he continued teaching, moving closer to home by taking a job at a school in North Pownal, Vermont.[17] Coincidentally, future president James A. Garfield taught penmanship at the same school three years later, but the two did not cross paths during their teaching careers.[18] In 1852, Arthur moved again, to Cohoes, New York, to become the principal of a school at which his sister, Malvina, was a teacher.[18] In 1853, after studying at State and National Law School in Ballston Spa, New York, and then saving enough money to relocate, Arthur moved to New York City to read law at the law office of Erastus D. Culver, an abolitionist lawyer and family friend.[19] When Arthur was admitted to the bar in 1854, he joined Culver's firm, which was subsequently renamed Culver, Parker, and Arthur.[20] When Arthur joined the firm, Culver and New York attorney John Jay (the grandson of the Founding Father of the same name) were pursuing a habeas corpus action against Jonathan Lemmon, a Virginia slaveholder who was passing through New York with his eight slaves.[21] In Lemmon v. New York, Culver argued that, as New York law did not permit slavery, any slave arriving in New York was automatically freed.[21] The argument was successful, and after several appeals was upheld by the New York Court of Appeals in 1860.[21] Campaign biographers would later give Arthur much of the credit for the victory; in fact his role was minor, although he was certainly an active participant in the case.[22] In another civil rights case in 1854, Arthur was the lead attorney representing Elizabeth Jennings Graham after she was denied a seat on a streetcar because she was black.[22] He won the case, and the verdict led to the desegregation of the New York City streetcar lines.[22] In 1856, Arthur courted Ellen Herndon, the daughter of William Lewis Herndon, a Virginia naval officer.[23] The two were soon engaged to be married.[24] Later that year, he started a new law partnership with a friend, Henry D. Gardiner, and traveled with him to Kansas to consider purchasing land and setting up a law practice there.[22] At that time, the state was the scene of a brutal struggle between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces, and Arthur lined up firmly with the latter.[25] The rough frontier life did not agree with the genteel New Yorkers; after three or four months the two young lawyers returned to New York City, where Arthur comforted his fiancée after her father was lost at sea in the wreck of the SS Central America.[25] In 1859, they were married at Calvary Episcopal Church in Manhattan.[26] After his marriage, Arthur devoted his efforts to building his law practice, but also found time to engage in Republican party politics. He also indulged his military interest by becoming Judge Advocate General for the Second Brigade of the New York Militia.[27]


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